Wednesday, 22 August 2018

I always look for an excuse to try out new soups! What better way than winter time. My favourite is Curry Butternut, I'll share that recipe later. Here is another favourite:

Biltong Soup

1 finely chopped onion
250 ml chopped biltong
1 liter of Beef stock
250 ml cream
1cup grated cheddar cheese
2 tbs corn flower, mixed with 60ml milk
fresh chives
salt, pepper and cumin to taste.

Fry the onion in a bit of oil.
Add the stock and the cream.
Thicken it with the cornflour.
                                                                               Add the biltong, herbs and spices.
                                                                               Garnish with extra biltong and feta cheese.

Sunday, 24 September 2017


Featuring: Thomas Walton and Sophie O'Reilly

What a special day here at Toekoms Bow Hunting Safaris. These two wonderful people made a vow tonight. Hope you have many happy years to come and a life time of memories to be made.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Walking and Stalking

I was so excited to go with Jannie to the blind today. Not something I get to do a lot. On our way to the blind, we spotted a Red Hartebeest. I took this amature video with my cellphone. Unfortunately the Red Hartebeest saw us. It sure was very exciting. Can't wait to go again.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Welcome to bow hunting adventures in the Namibian Bushveld.

Welcome to Toekoms Bow Hunting Safaris. We are situated in the beautiful Namibia.  We are your hosts, Jannie and Marilize Delport.  Please join us on this blog and experience true Namibian hospitality as our fellow bow hunting guest in the vast remote terrain of the African Bush.

Spot the bow hunter...
A warthog family drinking water. This photo was taken out of a tree stand..
An pregnant Oryx, quenching its thirst on a very hot summer's day.
Hartbeest blind gives you opportunity to shoot at 19-20 yards.
We were so fortunate to have had wonderful these past season. Rainy season is from January till April. Bow hunting is then a bit more challenging because there is so much water in the veld and the animals will come to the blinds only to lick salt.  The best bow hunting months is from May till November.
Mienke, our second daughter holding our little meerkat, Timone.  Timone was a wonderful pet with such a big heart. During the winter she loved to cuddle up in front of the heater.  No insect got past her, she had a huge appetite!
The homestead.  On the right is the farm house. It was build in 1940 by Jannie's grand father.  On the right is the guest house where all the guests stay during their visits. Under the lapa we serve delightful, African cuisine, made from the best quality meat and fresh produce from the farm.
Jannie shot this big warthog from a tree stand at 18 yards. He used his Matthews Switchback using a slick trick broad head.
Fanie Horn shot this huge Kudu out of a tree stand on a rainy day. He used his Matthews Z 7
With him is our oldest daughter, Mia and second daughter, Mienke.
Steenbucks are very difficult to hunt, they are known for string jumping.  It is our smallest antelope in this region. This is a good trophy, almost 4 1/2 inches.
Jannie shot this great Oryx male  from a tree stand about 17:30 pm at last light.  These horns are almost 36 inches.
Kudu's are know to jump very high. Hartebeest and Oryx on the other hand climb through the fences.  Our Kudu population has been decreasing because of rabies. There are much studies being done at the moment on how to treat them.

Our oldest daughter, Mia shot her first warthog, she has a Bear Odyssey.  It was a very hot day in November, 40 degrees Celsius in the pit blind.  She shot the warthog broadside at 15 yards.
Anton Zietsman shot the Hartebeest out of  pop up blind. The best times for bow hunting will be early in the morning and late afternoons.
Busy building the "HILTON".  This blind is 15 feet high. It is situated 19 yards from the salt and water.
Jaco Walters from Windhoek, Namibia shot the beautiful warthog trophy.
A beautiful Namibian sunset.
A Yellow Billed Hornbill.